Leadership Development

NCL, Inc. is committed to developing leaders for our community. Both mothers and daughters are offered leadership opportunities. We are truly a volunteer organization so every aspect of the charity is executed by volunteers. There is no staff. Opportunities in finance, meeting planning, philanthropy liaisons, data and website development, writing and producing newsletters, special event planning, leading and teaching our daughters, membership development and outreach, and participating on the chapter and national Board of Directors are available positions for our Patroness/mother members.

The girls have a class level Board of Directors and committee placements.

Each year the girls and their mothers are asked to do a new job. Giving all of the members a chance to learn new skills and grow by helping the chapter run efficiently.

In addition, the chapter has a 6 year plan which guides the Grade Level Advisors in leadership and learning opportunities to cover and accomplish throughout the 6 year journey in NCL, Inc. insuring the girls all hit certain relevant milestones within their time.

Inspiring speakers and relevant topics are covered at the monthly meetings designed to broaden our members knowledge of our community, community needs and covering topics relevant to teenagers and raising daughters.

The monthly meetings for the mothers and the daughters has a business portion where an agenda is followed and chapter or class business is conducted. By the time the girls are High School Seniors, they develop and run their own class meetings.

As High School Seniors, each girl is required to write and execute a short speech in front of our membership.